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A realization of artisanal creations of excellent quality is the main trait which define the cooperative since 1989.

Social Impact

The Centro de Bordados Cuenca works hard for the welfare of rural women of Azuay region. It supports them offering a secure place to be empowered, teaching administration and hands-on skills.

Our comrades live in the rural areas of Ecuador so we clearly care for the environment. We make our contribution using natural fibers for our production and working to reduce to zero our waste, producing new product with wastage.

The cooperative mainly works on request of the clients. This guarantees offering a unique artworks meeting client desires. To create customized products we need your support and your patience.


Our Gallery


Beautiful work, great artists

I think it is important to highlight the beautiful work of the artisans of the Embroidery Center of Cuenca. Through needles and threads they capture dreams and illusions in all the fabrics that reach their hands. Color, love and a lot of dedication, in unique designs, are the best presentation letter that these great artists can show.

Mihaela Lonela Badin - Romania

Beautiful Cards

I am a client of Centro de Bordados Cuenca. For over 20 years I have purchased their beautiful cards. We have a jewelry store and I use them as thank you cards. They have designed cards for all of the seasons: Thanksgiving, Halloween, Easter, New Years and Christmas. As an underwater photographer, I’ve had them capture with thread, the photos of fish that I send to them. The cards serve as a wonderful reminder of Lithos Jewelry. The response from the recipients is overwhelming. Most tell me they frame the cards. The workmanship is consistent, flawless and expedient. They are true artists in every sense of the world.

Rose Mueller - Lithos Jewelry

I admire your work

Each card is a handmade art work, unique and beautiful.

Andrea Ganga - Austria

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