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Terms and Conditions

If I buy a product and, although it is not defective, I want to change it or return it. Does the CBC have an obligation to accept it?

No. If the purchase is made voluntarily, as a general rule, unless it is defective, in which case the product warranty would be enforced.

If the purchase is made remotely (by internet, telephone, catalog, etc.), the consumer has the right, within 5 calendar days, to cancel the purchase and request the return of the money. When we are in this situation, the CBC must make the reimbursement of what was paid using the same means of payment used by the consumer or whatever is their preference.

What with the Courier that I can use for the purchase?


When does my shipment arrive?

The tracking page of DHL AND CORREOS DEL ECUADOR will provide you with updated information on the location of your shipment

What form of payment can I use?

Users must cancel with credit cards and / or interbank transfer.

How do I make a claim for the loss / damage corresponding to an order shipment that did not arrive or was damaged?

If your shipment did not arrive it is important that you contact the CBC and provide an accurate description of the goods and their packaging as soon as possible.

Remember that damage to packets in transit is often the result of transport manipulation.

Will I have to pay import taxes for the products I buy?

You will have to discuss this topic with the CBC Sales department. It depends on the type of product you buy, the value of the goods, how the seller has labeled them for customs purposes and which country you import them from.

If the customs imposes a cost, it will be paid in the first place, but then you will have to pay it even if you do not accept the delivery of the goods.

Our company would like to start exporting products from their countries and we have no experience in this, can you advise me?

Contact the CBC Sales Department to discuss your needs.

Customs have charged me with taxes and duties for one thing I bought online. Why was not this included as part of the shipping costs?

Keep in mind that when you shop online, many of those items do not come from your country. When the shipments are not domestic or from a country with a free trade agreement, the items that are imported are subject to the payment of taxes and duties in the amount considered by Customs. In general, taxes and fees are not included in online purchases.